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How Much Indian Hair Do I Need?

If you are getting a full Braid Weave the average person need about six ounces of hair some will need more some will need less. It is best to buy two packs to make sure you have enough. You can always use the leftover hair later. If you are using hair over 18" long you might need another pack.

If you are getting individual tracks one pack is enough for four to five tracks up to 18" hair length. If you are getting the hair bonded one pack is enough for four to five tracks up to 18" hair length.

Caring for your new Indian Hair Extensions

It is important that you follow these hair care tips, so your new hair extensions will last as long as possible. Very important, always brush out all knots before you wash your hair or go to sleep at night. Wash, condition and moisturize your hair every week. The extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils so you need to have moisture added every wash.

Use a vented brush and starting from the bottom, gently working your way up, do not tug or pull at the hair.

* At night, tie your hair up gently or put in loose braid and never sleep with wet hair

** If the hair color is not to your liking, it may be colored professionally

**** swimming is not recommended. If you must, put moisturizing conditioner in hair and rinse and shampoo immediately after. We are not responsible for the condition of the hair wants exposed to chlorine.

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