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Model's hair is 18" Indian Hair Curly. The extensions were straightened, layered then curled.


Imported Hair sells the finest Quality of Human Hair, sold by professional hair designers. We offer the best prices and best quality. Our Indian hair prices may be low, but, our quality is premium. You will have no problem with our hair:






We are highly skilled and experienced hair extension specialist. Our Indian hair is of the highest quality. You get what you pay for. You will receive a full 4oz of hair. We do not stretch our curly hair to measure.

Our hair is soft, light, you will have the most unbelievable blend with your natural hair. We wear our hair to guarantee its the best quality for you.

Our hair is shipped directly from India to us. This isn't hair from China, NO.

100% Indian hair from India

Contact us: Women of Color, Salon, 224 E Regent St., Inglewood Ca 90301


Visit the Salon at www.womenofcolorsalon.com