<font color='red'>INDIAN HAIR CURLY</font>
Model has 14" Indian Curly with center parting. I colored her natural hair and then highlighted some of the Indian hair. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Indian hair is the most popular hair used for extensions. Our Indian hair is the highest quality available.

Our curly Indian hair is beautiful soft cascading curls when worn naturally. Yet, blow dries and flat iron with ease. Our clients love this hair, they cannot believe how well it blends, better than any other, with their natural hair. Don't have a relaxer, no problem, neither does any of my clients.

Our Indian hair will not mat or tangle. This virgin hair will last approximately one year or four extension service, with proper care.

We do not stretch our hair to measure. Unlike our competitors, you will receive a full 4oz bundle and the length you order.

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